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I am in school and I was interested in doing an internship. Do you do internships?

I have done one in the past, and it was fun. His name was Rop. In the end though he did not have a lot to do. I have one employee and hire people from time to time for help on projects. Mainly I hire animators.

Who inspires you? Who's your favorite artist and who is your biggest influence?

This is the most FAQ, and one of the most uninteresting to answer. I understand why people want to know, somehow maybe it will enlighten them to what I am interested in. I always mention the same people it seems. People like Saul Steinberg, or Seymore Chwast. But in reality, I am passionate about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Bruce Springstein and Ernest Hemmingway. These people have influenced me, but have nothing to do with the work I do. George Nelson has been a big influence on me, and Andy Warhol and his legacy. Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Dick Bruna, William Steig, Herb Lubalin, Claus Oldenberg, Charles Schultz, Alexander Calder, Werner Herzog, Joseph Frank, Alexander Girard, Mike Mills, Margaret Killgallen, Barry McGee, Spike Jonze. The biggest impact having people to look up to has had on me is looking at how creative people have made it work, how they made their work possible. So that is not necesarlly about the work itself, it is about how people perpetuate their life, their happiness and their art. Pablo Picasso... the tops.

What is the Solitary Arts & Pottok?

Solitary Arts was a skateboard company I started with a Partner Yongki Chang. We made boards wheels and components that were outside of the regular mold of skating. The idea was to look at skating differently, to sort of question how narrow or broad the act of skating can be or is. In some ways it was applying the way I approach art and graphics to skateboarding. Pottok is a company I started with Sarah deVincentis. We make printed wallpaper and fabric. The designs come out of my art installations and other art projects. I have been making wallpaper for about 8 years now, but only now is it available outside of a gallery. Some paper I have sold to close friends in the past. Now, its ready for strangers!

How did you first met the beasties boy and ended doin stuff for their magazine "Grand Royal"?

I had interviewed with Andy Jenkins at Girl Skateboards. The job at Girl did not happen, but he gave my name to Mark Lewman who was the new editor of Grand Royal. From there I met the Beastie Boys. Except I still do not think I have ever met Adam Horrowitz, so that tells you what sort of situation it was. Mike D was very involved, but other than that not a lot of Hip Hop glamor came my way. I think I got into one free Beastie Boys show. It was a great opportunity for me though. Mark Lewman was great, but quit after 2 issues so my days were numbered.